Finding Your Home Base

If you’ve ever watched modern political programming, used any social media outlet or just had a conversation in the past decade, you have probably already noticed one defining characteristic of our times—everyone is wrong, and nobody will shut up about it. Facts are treated as subjective rather than absolute. It’s as if the world is a holographic image that changes depending on whether you stand further to the left or the right.

It has become a common form of entertainment to watch people engage in televised shouting matches, and most of what we call “news” is just one side refuting the other in a way that will better serve to fill their financier’s coffers. This phenomenon used to be fairly well confined to the realm of social politics, where personal viewpoints could vary and still be respected by the opposition. But in recent times, “big lie” journalism has served to undermine the reliability of our media outlets.

From general population statistics and national financial data to strongly supported scientific theories, somebody stands to profit by feeding you misleading or inaccurate information about a wide range of topics. And they will tell you you’re wrong, even if they know you’re right. Unfortunately, the eCigarette industry is no exception. Even small-scale eCigarette manufacturers and vendors pose a tangible threat to Big Tobacco and the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture smoking cessation products. These two industries have extraordinary pull within the spheres of global politics and the news media, and have little qualms about rigging the game in their favor. Misinformation about eCigarettes is commonplace.

Finding a reliable source for eCigarette information can be particularly difficult. Readers are often torn between the divisive rhetoric of both proponents and detractors of eCigarettes. This makes it hard for consumers to get a clear picture of where the truth actually lies. Fortunately, there are a few online forums and vape magazines that work hard to present their readers with consistent, accurate info on eCigarettes.

At Vaping Press, we do our best to separate fact from rhetoric in an effort to give our readers a full understanding of the eCigarette industry. For any vape magazine, it is important to cut to the core of important issues and provide real, useful information. Vaping Press is your home base for well-researched, informed and up-to-date discussions of the major issues in the eCigarette community.

We strive to make things clearer for our readers, rather than pushing a specific agenda. And we invite you to enjoy the fruits of our labor.